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Shop Gopher Sport’s assortment of swim training and pool fitness gear and move PE class from the gym to the pool!

Splash and train with quality pool fitness tools designed to provide students with a challenging workout that is also gentle on muscles.

If you’re looking for a pack that has everything you need to teach swimming lessons, Gopher has exactly what you’re looking for. It has all the equipment necessary to create and teach 10 different swimming units during PE classes. Instead of spending time finding gear, this pack saves teachers and swimming instructors time because everything they need is readily available.

Gopher also has the equipment your students and swim team athletes need for energizing pool fitness classes. Use kickboards, water belts, gloves, and water dumbbells for resistance and strength training in the water. You can also find nose clips, swim caps, and ear plugs for extra comfort while working out in the pool.

Buy outstanding swim training and pool fitness equipment from Gopher!