TYR Pull Floats

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Concentrate on arm stroke and technique with the help of these floats.

Use these pull floats to add extra resistance during your water workouts and build strength. These solid one-piece floats isolate the legs, allowing swimmers to focus on arm technique while also building overall power and speed in their stroke.

Enhance Strength and Technique

Develop upper body strength and improve stroke technique using these pull floats. By placing them between your legs and avoiding kicking, you are able to concentrate on the technique and arm movement during various strokes. Even though legs will not be kicking, the EVA construction of these floats keep them afloat. The greater resistance from the pull float and the reliance on your arms and shoulders will build strength and technique.

Pool floats are available in 2 sizes for exceptional buoyancy for different ages. Use the 4” thick Full-Size for older and larger swimmers, and use the 3” thick junior size for younger, smaller swimmers.