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Shop Gopher Sport’s selection of tactile balls and give students a fun sensory experience!

With bright colors and soft covers, students of any age will enjoy playing with these sensory balls from Gopher. 

Rubber band balls are a great tool for use in PE or in the classroom. If thrown, the ball will stay put in the spot where it landed, decreasing time spent chasing it. They also work well as fidget balls in the classroom, allowing students to quietly play with them at their desks.

If you’re looking for a soft and friendly texture, check out our AirFoam balls. The super-soft PC cover is as light as a balloon, but stronger than a beach ball. These balls are great for introducing students to initial ball-handling skills such as squeezing, bouncing, and catching.

Flexible balls with open sides are extremely durable and easy to catch. Their design leads to improved success when tossing and catching.

Stimulate your students’ senses and shop for tactile balls from Gopher!