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Buy climbing ropes from Gopher Sport and encourage upper-body strength development in your students and athletes!

Improve overall strength and fitness in students of any age using climbing ropes. They are easy to use and are beneficial for PE students and athletes in several sports. Teachers and coaches can easily add them to obstacle courses and circuits.

Rope Type

  • Premium Manila – Superior-quality, three-strand manila is the best wearing rope.
  • Un-Manila – The look and feel of manila, with added strength, but reduced weight.
  • Polyplus – The softest rope that is also strong and rot resistant.

Knot Types

  • No Knots – Traditional rope with no knots is a good choice for older students and athletes.
  • Rest Grip Knots – Woven and spliced into the rope at 18” intervals to provide a better grip.
  • Beginner Knots – Large knots tied every 18” to give beginners assistance as they climb.

End Style

  • Polyboot End – Non-raveling poly “boot” is permanently attached to rope end.
  • Turk’s Head Knot End – Leather seat and knot provide stability and a sure starting point as a “platform” foot hold.

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