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Shop Gopher’s selection of safe, fabric jump ropes for use by students of all ages!

Create a non-intimidating jumping experience for your students during PE or after-school programs with soft, fabric jump ropes.

Our classic cotton ropes provide a simple and welcoming option for teaching beginners the basics of jumping rope. The design is gentle to the touch and makes little noise when hitting the ground. Wooden handles are durable and offer users a comfortable grip.

If you’re looking for a more vibrant option to set up color-coded jump rope stations, check out our braided polyester and polypropylene ropes. Both resist fraying and are non-kinking. While they are lightweight, they are still heavy enough to maintain a good arc. Polyesters ropes are only 5/16” dia and feature ergonomic plastic handles for superior control while jumping. Polypropylene ropes are slightly thicker and have knotted ends instead of handles.

Shop for fabric jump ropes from Gopher!