Rainbow QuickTurn Braided Polyester Jump Ropes

As low as $34.95

Colorful, safe, and heavy-duty for all skill levels. 

Safe, colorful ropes are great for jumpers of all ages and offer the peace of mind and durability you need in an institutional setting. Great for individual jumpers or as jump ropes for Double Dutch, 2 lengths meet the needs of your entire class. Rainbow colors make it fun for students, no matter the activity.

Safe Design

Braided polyester ropes are softer than PVC or segmented plastic options, so students won’t feel the sting of missed jumps when the rope hits their legs. Comfortable rope creates a nice arc while turning and won't kink while in the air. Ergonomic handles offer better grip and control, leading to higher confidence among jumpers. Ropes are unlikely to slip, even when hands get sweaty and revolutions quicken.

Strong Construction

The lightweight yet strong 5/16" dia rope will not fray or break under heavy use. Use it on gym floors or outdoors on asphalt or concrete without worrying about it skipping off of hard surfaces. Thick plastic handles will endure repeated drops without cracking or breaking.

Add a pop of color to jumping activities and make organization easy with Rainbow color-coded jump ropes. Handles clearly display the length of the rope, so students can easily recognize the right piece of equipment for them.