TYR Kickboards

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The perfect flotation tool for strengthening leg muscles.

Isolate the legs and perfect kicks with the help of this durable, closed-cell EVA foam kickboard. Choose from two sizes for different ages and skill levels.

Focus on Strengthening Legs

Kickboards are a great training aid for swimmers working on leg technique for all strokes, as well as for general leg strength improvement. Using a kickboard immobilizes the arms, forcing swimmers to kick harder to propel themselves forward. Each board is made of durable, closed-cell EVA foam to ensure long-lasting floating performance.

Kickboard Options:

  • Junior. Specifically designed for children and smaller swimmers. Smaller design decreases the impact on the swimmer's shoulders. 15”L x 10”W.
  • Full-Size. Ideal for older students and adults who are better able to hold on to a kickboard without straining their shoulders. 21”L x 12”W.