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ClassPlus Water Fitness Packs

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A total solution for aqua fitness, complete with storage and instruction.

Get everything needed for water fitness in one convenient pack. This equipment helps improve overall levels of fitness while specifically focusing on enhancing swimmers’ skills in the pool.

Whole Class Water Fitness

Get the entire class involved in aqua workouts! Have swimmers rotate to different stations and keep exercises fresh using activities highlighted in the included workout book. Water workouts are beneficial because they add natural resistance and put less stress on joints when compared to adding weight on land. Water workouts also challenge and engage muscles that are otherwise harder to engage with standard land exercises.

The Fantastic Water Workouts book features more than 130 exercises that use natural water resistance to improve composition and tone, strengthen muscles, increase aerobic and muscular endurance, and improve flexibility, coordination, and agility.

Packs include everything needed to enhance a swimming curriculum. Resistance Tubing Pack and DeltaBelts Resistance Dumbbells also sold separately.

Pack Options

  • Water Fitness Pack
    • Aqua Joggers, Set of 12 (8 Ea Youth, 4 Ea Adult)
    • DeltaBelts Resistance Dumbbells, Set of 12 (3 Ea Low, 6 Ea Medium, 3 Ea Heavy)
    • Aquatic Resistance Tubing, Set of 12 (Medium)
    • Fantastic Water Workouts Book, 1 Ea
    • VersaBag Mesh Bags, Set of 3 (1 Ea Medium, XL, XXL)
  • Resistance Tubing Pack
    • Medium Tubing, 12 Ea
    • VersaBag Mesh Bag, 1 Ea
    • Instructions
  • Individual Components
    • DeltaBelts Resistance Dumbbells, Low Resistance, 1 Pr
    • DeltaBelts Resistance Dumbbells, Medium Resistance, 1 Pr
    • DeltaBelts Resistance Dumbbells, Heavy Resistance, 1 Pr