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Rainbow UltraFit CircuitPro Yoga Pack

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Convenient pack of yoga equipment and instructions effortlessly centers the whole class!

Color-coded equipment and convenient yoga instructions make it easier than ever to teach the fundamentals of yoga in group settings!

Class-Wide Solution

This convenient circuit pack is specifically tailored for PE classes and includes everything you need to engage up to 24 students across 6 color-coded yoga stations. Each color represents a specific pair of movements, allowing students to simply move from station to station for a challenging total-body session for the whole class. Twelve fundamental poses, from down dog to eagle pose, improve muscle strength and athletic performance while increasing flexibility, energy, and vitality.

Insightful Instruction

Each station features a durable board depicting clear start and stop positions and yoga instructions for each pose, so students can master the basics without close supervision. Large images and clear step-by-step descriptions make it fun and easy to follow along. Teacher cards lend further insight into each pose, so instructors can provide personalized lessons to individual students.

Convenient Storage

A durable yoga cart easily holds and transports all pack equipment to storage after use. Cart keeps everything in one place and Rainbow colors ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow ExerFit Yoga Mats (68" x 24" x 5 mm thick), 4 Sets of 6
  • UltraFit Rainbow Foam Yoga Blocks, 4 Sets of 6
  • Rainbow Plastic Smart Cones, 1 Set
  • CircuitPro Boards and Teacher Cards, 1 Set
  • Mobile YogaKart, 1 Ea
  • Extra Basket, 1 Ea