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UltraFit Core Balance Disc Charts

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Unit:  Set of 3

Teaching with balance discs just got easier!

Get a set of these easy step-by-step instructional charts for safer workouts. These charts are great for personal use, P.E. class, or anywhere balance disc training occurs!

Clear Instruction

These charts offer clear instruction for balance movements that increase core strength and muscle stability. Students can easily follow the written instructions and learn how to properly engage in these exercises with full-color start/stop images. Set of 3 includes exercises for Upper Body/Core, Lower Body, and Balance. Each chart has 6 exercises.

Skill Development

The charts are designed for self-teaching, so students who use them regularly will be able to work on exercises by themselves to increase their muscle strength and coordination over time. As a result, the charts are perfect for use in gyms or fitness centers where there are exercise stations to move through.


The large (24"L x 18"W) posters are easy to read from a distance, accommodating multiple users at once. Each poster is laminated for a bright, crisp look for years to come.