Rainbow ExerFit Core Balance Discs

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Unit:  Set of 6

Improve balance and strengthen stability muscles with these durable Rainbow balance discs.

These Rainbow colored PVC discs engage stabilization muscles, and the 6 colors add instant organization, fun, and variety to everyday balance disc training.  

Skill Progression

This smaller 13" dia balance disc is perfect for instructors who are looking to teach intermediate to advanced balance skills. The inflated disc is slightly unstable, forcing the user to engage their stabilizer muscles to stay balanced and centered through their movement. use this disc to add a challenge to bodyweight exercises like lunges and squats, or up the ante by adding light dumbbells or kettlebells to the mix..

Simply inflate the disc to the desired firmness to start training. The inflation level determines the difficulty of your balance session. Less air means less stability, while more air means an easier exercise.

Quality Design

The thick PVC construction allows the disc to hold up to routine use by many users. A slightly molded-in texture on top and bottom keep the disc and the user in place to avoid falls and slipping. best used indoors in a gym or training room. Because it is so lightweight and small, it is easy to bring with you wherever you intend to exercise! 13" dia. Supports up to 300 lb.