BOSU Sport Balance Trainer

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Smaller and lighter than the original BOSU for younger users and easier storage!

At just 20” in diameter, this small BOSU Sport Trainer is great for low- to medium-impact exercises. It features 6 non-skid feet on a single-molded platform.

Designed for Younger, Smaller Users

All fitness levels can benefit from the use of BOSU training, but this trainer was specifically designed for younger and smaller users. It is smaller and lighter than other BOSU balls, making it easier to carry and handle for younger users.

BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up," as the trainer can be used with the dome or platform facing up. Use it as a plyo box, stability ball, and balance disc in one! This helps de-clutter your storage space and equip your students with versatile equipment. While it is used mainly for bodyweight exercises, it can also be used with light dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, or resistance tubing for added challenges.

Quality Design

A solid base provides excellent stability while the domed top is an unstable inflated surface that forces users to engage their core and stabilizer muscles to maintain control during movement. It is best suited for indoor use on even surfaces. Tacky rubber on the top provides a better grip with floor or shoe contact.

User Friendly

The smaller size makes it easier to store and transport this trainer. It is also extremely easy to inflate to the appropriate level and begin with basic movements. It is also lighter than the other BOSU models, which makes it easier to handle for younger users. Includes inflation pump and manual. Trainer supports up to 300 lb and is 20" dia x 8"H; 10 lb.