Smart-Cart Training System

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 08/06/2024
Unit:  Set Truck Delivery

Everything needed to train up to 60 athletes for speed, agility, quickness, and strength!

This pack includes enough equipment to have up to 60 students working out at the same time. Also included is a Smart-Cart that makes storing and transporting all of this equipment easy. With its non-marking wheels, you can push it to the center of your training area, inside or out! The entire pack with the cart weighs just 200 lb.

Use this pack to increase skill development and maximize fitness results by quickly setting up and executing exercises, drills, and programs. This smart cart training system is perfect for timed rotational circuit training, too!

Pack Includes:

  • Smart Hurdles (12 ea #1 and #2, 6 ea #4), Set of 18
  • Segmented Jump Ropes with Foam-Covered Handles, 6 Ea
  • UltraFit Rubber Medicine Balls (4 ea 6 lb, 2 ea 8 lb), Set of 6
  • Smart Agility Ladder, 30'L, 1 Ea
  • Basic Cable Trainers (2 ea X-Light, Light, and Medium), Set of 6
  • Training Manual and CD