DOM Broomball Sets

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Extra-safe and durable foam broom construction.

Made with beginners in mind, these sets contain safe and durable broomball sticks and broomball balls to fully equip your broomball unit. Each set contains everything you need to get broomball games started in your class.

Made for Beginners

Designed with younger students in mind, the brooms feature tough construction with polyurethane foam heads molded into the shaft for durability. A flexible outer shell covers a spongy core for safe gameplay that will not mar or damage floors. Two I-Beam ribs protect the shaft against intense impacts. At just 37"L, the sticks are shorter than official length to for comfort and control in the hands of younger students. Flat heads and an anti-slip grip further enhance ball control.

Choose a set with 4" dia polyvinyl broomballs or a larger pack that adds Acacia Official Broomballs.

  • Polyvinyl broomballs are lightweight and made for novice play. 4” dia.
  • Acacia Official broomballs feature high-quality condensed rubber shells for lasting performance and intense use. 5.5” dia.

Available in a set of 12 or a pack of 24. Individual Brooms also sold separately.

Pack Options

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 ea orange, Yellow) and 1 polyvinyl ball.
  • ClassPlus 24-Player Pack. Includes:
    • 24 Brooms (12 ea Orange, Yellow), Set of 24
    • 2 Polyvinyl Balls, 2 Ea
    • Indoor Balls, 2 Ea
    • Storage Bag, 1 Ea