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UltraFit Workout Mats

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Our toughest workout mats provide "ultra" support and comfort to users all day, every day!

Our most durable foam workout mat will provide your students with the comfort and traction they need to exercise to their fullest without showing signs of wear and tear. Mats are cushioned via closed-cell foam and protected by a gripped-textured bottom, providing a solid option for use across a wide range of exercise activities.


Designed with rip-proof, closed-cell foam, UltraFit mats won’t tear, flake, or develop holes under strenuous use. Students can even wear their tennis shoes atop these mats without damaging them! Custom, reinforced grommets allow for easy hanging on racks.

Supremely Safe

A dual-sided design incorporates a textured side for increased traction during dynamic movements and a smoother side for slower, controlled moves. This prevents slipping and sliding during use. One-half inch thick foam offers comfort and support for sitting and kneeling exercises and prevents users from bottoming out. 48"L x 24" W x 1/2" thick.