Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Bars

As low as $129.00

So quick and easy, you can assess the rates of your entire class seamlessly during activities!

Simply grasp on the metal contact rings on the Insta-Pulse handheld personal fitness heart rate monitor, and it will display a clear, accurate pulse. This system is ideal for initial evaluation, and is available in two lengths to accommodate all students.

Quick and Accurate

Take the guesswork out of measuring student activity levels! This heart rate monitor quickly tests heart rate and displays all pulse readings clearly on the screen for evaluation. Simply grasp the baton-style tester on the metal contact rings to turn the unit on and begin the test. Use them during cool down as well to measure heart rate recovery time.

Durable Equipment

Featuring a durable polycarbonate plastic shell, these monitors are built to last. They can be used indoors and out thanks to their water- and shock-resistant technologies. Best of all, there’s no charging required—replaceable batteries allow for quick use.

Units are available in handheld, wall-mount, or floor-stand options (38"H on Compact, 36"H on Standard).