DOM Ringette Sets

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Fast-paced, team-oriented game uses safer, bladeless sticks and a rubber ring.

A popular non-contact Canadian game, Ringette loosely follows the rules of hockey. The objective is to score goals by shooting the ring into the opponent’s net. Players use lightweight, straight sticks to control the ring, enhancing hand-eye coordination. Play is continuous and emphasizes passing, teamwork, and strategy over individual achievement.

Safe, Strong Stick Design

A polyethylene shaft maintains the stick’s shape, and never breaks or kinks. Twin I-beam construction adds strength in the center of the shaft while maintaining the stick’s light weight. The end of the stick is covered with a soft end cap to prevent injuries. A high-impact nylon tip resists repeated flexing without fatigue or breaking. This is the only stick in our assortment designed without a blade.

DOM Ringette is available in 14-player sets with 12 sticks (35"L or 44"L), 2 goalie sticks (36"L), and 2 rings. Individual sticks and ring also sold separately.