ULTRAVERSE Climbing Wall Obstacle Course

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Climb over, under, and through the hoops!

Create exciting new 3-dimensional challenges along climbing wall courses using hoops and rods! Obstacles are easy to secure in place and can be arranged in infinite ways for a new challenge every time.

Develop Core Skills

Teachers can use everything in this pack to create exciting 3-dimensional challenges on an ULTRAVERSE climbing wall. Traversing obstacles teaches students to problem solve and think critically, while also testing their endurance and mobility. Students enhance balance and coordination skills while maneuvering around obstacles.

Instant Obstacles

Installing these obstacles on an ULTRAVERSE climbing wall is easy. Simply find an open spot on the wall and mount the holds using the included bolts. Easily snap hoops and rods into these holds for quick configuration. Encourage students to climb over, under, and through them for an added challenge while traversing. Dual-use holders can also serve as general climbing holds.

Complete set includes 6 RodHolder holds with rods, 6 HoopHolder holds, 12 Rainbow DuraHoop Hoops, mounting bolts, climbing wall rules sign, and the ULTRAVERSE Climbing Curriculum Guide. Use the guide as a jumping off point for setting up specific games and obstacle courses.