Climbing Holds and Accessories

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Strong, durable climbing holds, wall accessories, and hardware.

You’ve got the wall, now get the accessories! Climbing holds and accessories are a great way to take traversing to the next level, whether by introducing more challenging holds or putting obstacles in place to build coordination and problem solving. All accessories are compatible with ULTRAVERSE climbing walls, as well as other traditional walls.

Holds for Any Skill Level

Durable holds are made of textured, hybrid resin that fits any system. Various shapes add to the fun and challenge of climbing. Shapes include pockets, pinches, jugs, crimps, and edges. Holds are color-coded according to difficulty level. This allows teachers and students to easily identify the best path across a traverse wall.

  • Green holds are larger and designed for beginners.
  • Yellow holds are medium-sized and designed for intermediate climbers.
  • Red holds are the smallest option and most challenging to use.

Choose from a Set of 10 in each skill level or a Set of 20 assorted holds (7 large, 7 medium, 6 small) for walls used by students of varied skill levels. Additional holds sold separately hold hoops and rods to add dexterity challenges to traverse walls. Secure holds to wall using T-Nuts (sold separately).

Engaging Teaching Tools

Find instruction and guidance on a climbing wall unit in the ULTRAVERSE Climbing Curriculum Guide. It’s organized by ability and progression level. If you simply need ideas to get started, the Traversing Walls Activity Book has instruction for 68 engaging games and activities.