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DuraHoop Swimming Hoops

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Create a variety of swimming pool games with these versatile weighted swimming hoops!

The sealed hoops float perpendicular to the water surface at varying heights to create a fun and customizable pool obstacle course. The 36” dia hoops are attached to a rope and weighted with a neoprene bag (10”L; 6-3/4 lb). The nylon rope is adjustable, adding a variety of fun challenges to the obstacle course with numerous possibilities. When the rope is set to the shortest length, the hoop sticks partially out of the water when placed at a depth of 4’6”, and the longest rope length has hoops fully submerged when placed at a depth of 5’4”.

The soft neoprene bag prevents damage to pool floors and dries quickly due to its plastic bean filling. The carabiner clip allows for easy setup; simply clip the rope to the hoop and watch it sink! Set includes 4 DuraHoop Swimming Hoops, 4 weighted bags, and 4 ropes.