Waboba Ball

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Your class will have a ball with 5 included activities!

This is the best ball pack to get your class moving in the pool! Waboba balls bounce on water, putting a unique spin on traditional pool games. The Blast Ball is designed for pool use, while the Catch Mitt and Pro Ball are designed for wet games of catch.

Unique Balls and Activities

Waboba balls bounce on water, adding new challenges to standard pool games. Students can throw the balls in different ways to get different results. The harder students throw and the more space they have, the better the balls bounce. The balls feature an adjustable neoprene material with drain holes, ensuring they dry easily. The gloves are one-size-fits-all and can be worn on either hand.

The Blast Balls are meant for beginners and designed specifically for pool use. Their weighted core makes them easier to control in water. Pro Balls are smaller and heavier and are meant for older, more experienced students. Their heavier weight provides users with more control for more challenging throws. The included mesh storage bag holds all equipment for easy storage. Graphics and colors may vary.

Complete Pack includes:

  • Catching Gloves, 10 Ea
  • Waboba Blast Balls, 12 Ea
  • Waboba Pro Balls, 10 Ea
  • Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Activity Instructions