Polydacron Tug-of-War Ropes

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Long-lasting ropes will not fray or splinter.

These ropes features spun polyester over a polyolefin core making them softer than other ropes, yet just as tough. Heavy-duty construction is resistant to moisture and UV rays for use over many classes.

Lightest Weight Rope

The lightweight design of polydacron is great for students of any age. This material is also smoother than manila and un-manila tug of war ropes, making it more comfortable to grip. Polydacron will not fray or splinter over time, resulting in increased longevity and reliability that makes it an ideal investment for institutional use.

Ideal for All Students

Measuring just 3/4” dia, this is our thinnest option for tug of war ropes. Three rope lengths—50’, 75’, and 100’L—make it easy to find the perfect rope for all classes of all sizes. The longer the rope, the more students that can get involved!

Rope Options

  • 50”L, 11 lb
  • 75”L, 14 lb
  • 100”L, 18 lb