Gladiator 4-Way Tug-of-War Game

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A new spin on traditional tug-of-war games!

This game requires both strength and strategy as players work against each other to capture their ball to win the game. This twist on tug-of-war pits 4 students against each as they try to reach their designated corner.

Full-Body Challenge

Students get a full-body workout as they strain to pull themselves to their respective corners. Though the cone is only 10' to 12' away, getting there is a big challenge. Adjust the intensity of this game by moving the cones closer or farther away.

The square inside the rope is 19" sq and serves as a central point. Extending from all four corners is a 40"L rope and an attached harness. Rope set also includes four cones, 4 balls, 8 snap links, storage bag, and activity instructions.