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MagneTurn Speed Ropes

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Magnetic speed ropes and storage keep equipment tidy and accessible!

These smooth-turning, PVC speed ropes feature magnetic handles that snap onto the metal MagneTurn Rack for easy organization of your rope collection. The handle color indicates the length of the rope, with ropes available in packs of 24 or individually.

Easy Organization

Magnetic handles and a revolutionary wall storage solution allow for quick access and organization of your ropes! When ropes snap on to the rack, they hang vertically without tangling, making it easy for students to choose a rope and start jumping within seconds. The magnets also eliminate kinks in the ropes that occur from wrapping the rope over a peg or hook. Rope handles are color coded to designate length, and they match the large labels on the magnetic storage rack for effortless identification.

Quality Construction

Ropes feature a thin cable with metal ball bearings for smooth rapid rotations. Handles are 6-1/2"L x 3/4" dia. Durable rack holds up to 30 MagneTurn ropes and is 31"W x 14"H , 13 lb.

Complete Pack includes 24 ropes (4 ea 6’L, 10’L; 5 ea 7’L, 9’L; 6 ea 8’L) and a MagneTurn Storage Rack.