Retractor Portable Badminton Net System


Decrease setup time and save storage space with the help of this unique portable badminton net system!

Add a new level of convenience to your badminton unit with this portable net system! The net conveniently expands from and retracts into two spring-loaded housing units. Each stand features fold-down legs, one weighted, to add extra stability and to help keep the net tight. The net expands to regulation size for official badminton play!

Outstanding Convenience

Never worry about taking time out of your day to set up badminton games again! Without multiple pipes and parts to set up or take down, these nets are ready for play in no time at all.

Additionally, this badminton net system only takes up 37"L x 7-3/4"W x 15"H worth of space, allowing it to fit into even the smallest closets.

Intuitive Functionality

This all-in-one net system is completely housed within two canisters, eliminating the need to remove it from the frame and roll it up for storage. The net is automatically dispensed when the two canisters are pulled apart. When the action concludes, simply press a button and watch it retract by itself!

Official Play

When fully expanded, the net measures an official 20"W x 60"H. A black sewn line indicates where the center of the court should be, making it set-up even easier. The system's legs are weighted as well, allowing for more stability and a tighter net for a higher degree of authenticity.