Rainbow AlterTurn Ropes

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Unit:  Set of 6

Easily alter rope length without cutting it!

The AlterTurn makes adjusting jump rope length easy! Forget buying multiple sets and sizes of ropes only to be faced with a tangled mess at the start of every class. This single rope solution is space-saving, easy to organize, and simple for any student to learn. High durability rounds out a smart investment for institutions.

Adjustable Length

Quickly scale the length from 9'L to 4'6"L to accommodate your smallest jumpers! Simply feed the excess rope through a unique slide, pull tight, and secure the slide to give you the ideal length. Once secure, the rope won't change length until manually adjusted again, giving students confidence as they jump. This rope is essential for elementary and middle school students from 4' to 5'10"!

Economic Investment

An adjustable design replaces the need for varying lengths and multiple sets of ropes. Adjustable ropes are also a prime reinvestment in your available storage space. Consolidating ropes into a single set means conserving space in your storage areas, allotting more room for other equipment and alleviating the cramped feeling so often endured in PE closets.

Superior Construction

Durable 1/4"dia PVC rope withstands impacts on concrete, gym flooring, and anywhere else you're jumping. Textured handle provides control to minimize accidental damage to the rope.