AHS Classroom Activities Cards

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Easy-to-implement classroom activities increase brain activity, focus, and learning by getting kids moving during the school day!

Serving as an important component of the AHS Program, these card sets help teachers implement vital 3- to 5-minute health class activities that require little or no equipment. This is a great way to increase the health of both the body and the mind. Cards are held together to prevent displacing any cards, and they are available in age-appropriate sets. Includes 20 age-appropriate activities to implement in short breaks.

For additional information regarding AHS Classroom Activities Cards and the Active & Healthy Schools curriculum, please visit https://gophersport.com/resources/curriculum/active-healthy-schools.

Age-Appropriate Sets

These sets include easy-to-implement active classroom activities for grades k-2, 3-4, or 5-6. Activity cards include all the information needed to make sure they go smoothly and are fun for all students. Each set is designed to promote activities that are beneficial to students and highly enjoyable, giving them an active break from regular classwork.

Numerous Activity Options

AHS activities have been proven to increase test scores and decrease students missing class by providing 3- to 5-minute activity breaks that require little or no equipment. Each activity outlined on the cards includes vital information needed to quickly set up and perform an activity, as well as variations. Each card includes equipment needed, starting position, variations, and interdisciplinary ideas that keep things fresh.

Laminated cards are held together so they won't get lost. This also makes it easy to quickly flip through the cards to find activities. Cards measure 6-1/2"L x 4"W and are small enough to fit in your pocket.