Gopher Impact Zone All-Synthetic Baseball Gloves

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The lightest-weight baseball glove you can find!

This ready-to-use glove is very light and flexible, with a unique palm padding that resists moisture and absorbs shock for added comfort. It is designed to resist fading, bacteria, and moisture for a longer-lasting performance. Its open X-web pocket increases the glove’s durability.

Excellent for Beginners

The glove's synthetic leather construction is much easier to break in than traditional leather gloves. It is much lighter weight than leather, which is important for younger players just beginning the sport and learning proper technique. An extra-thick padded palm provides maximum shock absorption, taking a lot of the fear out of catching the ball.

High-Quality Design

This glove features our highest level all-synthetic material for long-term use. It is moisture resistant, preventing it from cracking and breaking from sweat or water getting on the glove. The unique X-web design allows for faster transfer from the glove to the hand. A hook-and-loop fastener strap on the back of the glove lets each player adjust it to fit his/her hand.

This glove is available in multiple sizes, making it an excellent option for both baseball and softball play. 11"L and 12"L gloves are best for infielders, while the 13"L is ideal for players in the outfield.