Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

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Leather baseball glove made for maximum strength and durability!

Full-grain leather glove features a deep pocket with pro-style web designs for maximum playability. Solid Core technology features OPTI-FIT to enhance the glove's fit and grip. This technology ensures an optimal feel while handling the ball. The lace-less heel and 1-piece palm gives players ultimate control while providing extreme comfort. Its soft, full-grain leather shell is easy to break in and retains the glove's shape.

This glove is available in 3 sizes. The 11-3/4"L model is crafted for pitchers and infielders and features a Modified Trap-Eze Web. The 12"L design is ideal for outfielders and includes a Pro-H web and conventional backing. The 12-3/4"L model features a Pro-H web design made specifically for outfield positions.