Bear Brave Bow Set

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The perfect starter bow set for any young archers!

For any aspiring archer, this bow set has everything needed to start learning the sport with confidence. The right-handed beginner compound bow is accompanied by myriad accessories to make it ready to shoot out of the box. The bow itself comes outfitted with an arrow rest, one-pin sight, and quiver to keep two included Safetyglass arrows always at the ready. An armguard and finger tab keep young archers comfortable and confident at the shooting line The bow adjusts to grow alongside budding archers. Set the draw length from 13-1/2" to 19-1/2"L and the draw weight of 15-25 lb. AMO 26 length. Loaded with big-bow features, it includes a durable composite riser, limbs, and a below-grip cable guard. A 65% let-off allows generous time for aiming the perfect shot. Set includes: Brave Bow, 1 Ea Two-Piece Arrow Quiver, 1 Ea Finger Tab, 1 Ea Armguard, 1 Ea One-Pin Sight, 1 Ea Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, 1 Ea Safetyglass™ Arrows, 2 Ea. Ages 8 and up.