Genesis Compound Bows

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Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).

The easy-to-pull design of these compound bows makes them ideal for properly introducing beginners to the fundamentals of archery. Thanks to the cam and idler wheel system, students can hold a fully drawn bow with a fraction of the strength required to draw it, allowing for more time to aim before releasing a powerful shot.

Reliable performance makes them a staple in any archery program. The aluminum frame weighs under 2 lb for easy transport and comfortable use, while the added composite fiberglass lends strength and longevity in the face of consistent use by beginners.

Rainbow colors reduce apprehension when it comes to picking up a seemingly complex bow. Students can pick their favorite color and quickly immerse themselves in learning core skills. Vibrant colors are also great for organization across students and groups. No assembly or stringing required. Quickly adjust draw weight with a simple Allen wrench (included).


  • NASP Approved
  • AMO 35-1/2 length
  • Adjustable Draw Weights from 10-20 lb
  • Adjustable Draw Lengths from 15-30”L
  • Use with up to 40 lb draw weight arrows
  • Aluminum and composite fiberglass construction