Bear Flash Bow

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This ambidextrous bow is the lightest and safest we offer.

Exuding safety above all else, the many features and accessories of the Bear Flash Bow make it one of the most perfect bows for schools, especially for introducing elementary and middle school students to archery. A composite construction makes for lightweight durability, while low draw weight and length make nocking, aiming, and loosing simple. Includes 2 arrows, armguard, arrow quiver, sight pin, and finger rollers, providing all of the extras needed to properly teach archery!

Introduce young students to archery with a basic recurve bow packed with all the safety and durability features you have come to expect from Bear. Featuring an ambidextrous composite riser, both left- and right-handed students can shoot with ease. Composite construction offers featherlight durability, so beginners can hold a steady draw and the bow won't crack under pressure of institutional use. Single pin sight allows students to get used to aiming before releasing.

Safety First

The riser also features an integrated whisker biscuit arrow rest—the industry's safest rest. Encircled by fiberglass and synthetic bristles, arrows won't slip or misfire causing potential injury. A convenient quiver attaches to the bow, ensuring arrows are at the ready and metal tips are always covered. Three finger rollers and an armguard prevent uncomfortable string burn.


  • AMO 47 Length
  • Draw Weight 5-18 lb
  • Draw Length 16-24"L
  • Composite frame construction
  • Features Whisker Biscuit arrow rest and guide

Bow is 4 lb. Recommended for students aged 11 and up. Set includes bow, sight pin, finger rollers, arm guard, quiver, and 2 Safetyglass arrows.