Top Rope Climbing Walls

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Take the next step from traversing to climbing while developing teamwork skills on an indoor rock climbing wall!

Top rope walls promote skill development, positive risk taking, and teamwork, as well as helping students build trust. As one student climbs, the spotter holds the rope and uses a belay device to reduce the amount of slack in the rope as the climber ascends. The spotter also helps guide the climber to the next handhold by communicating with the climber. Wide walls allow multiple students to ascend at the same time.

Painted, 3/4” thick plywood wall systems include helmets, belay devices, climbing ropes, harnesses, carabiners, and assorted climbing handholds to promote safe climbing. The included 6’H mat system offers additional safety while climbing, while also preventing unauthorized use between classes. Sets also feature safety signs, hardware, instructions, installation, and on-site staff training.

Climbing wall packs include introductory, flat walls with the listed equipment. If you would like to create a personalized climbing experience with custom dimensions and obstacles like those shown in the image, contact your Regional Sales Representative. Custom walls allow for varied difficulties with ledges and angles, depending on the path taken. All walls are for indoor use only. Outlet covers sold separately.

Size Options:

  • 20'H x 12'W
  • 20'H x 16'W
  • 20'H x 20'W