Rainbow EnormaSport BiggieBirdie Shuttlecocks

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Unit:  Set of 6

Oversized birdies are 2x the size of standard birdies for double the fun!

The bigger the birdie, the easier it is to acclimate new badminton players to the game! Rainbow colors lower the intimidation factor and allow for exciting games and challenges based on color. Constructed to mimic the flight style, speed, and durability of regular birdies, this is truly a great stepping stone for new players.

Big Success

Twice the size of traditional birdies (7"L x 5" dia skirt x 2" dia base), these oversized shuttlecocks help beginners and young students to learn the basics of badminton. Bigger birdies are easier to track and hit, setting up players for great volleys and higher confidence that translate into enthusiasm and success.

Despite their size, these shuttles are designed to play just like their smaller counterparts, making it easier to transition to traditional birdies when the time comes. They're also tremendously durable thanks to a lightweight foam head and plastic skirt, which can stand up to big hits time and time again.

Fun with Colors

Younger students will also be eager to participate, thanks to bright Rainbow colors that make for a fun atmosphere and eliminate any intimidation students feel. Coaches can utilize Rainbow colors to set up color-coded activities and drills as well as organize teams in a flash. When practice is over, Rainbow equipment is easier to organize for tidy storage.