Gopher S1 Recreational Shuttlecocks

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Shuttlecocks with reliable performance and exceptional durability for recreational and match play!

A durable synthetic head and nylon skirt make this shuttlecock one of the toughest synthetic birdies we offer. It’s designed for medium speed and will take the abuse of heavy institutional play for years to come, delivering reliable performance for all levels of play.

Extreme Durability

Designed for ultimate shape retention and extreme durability, a PVC/EVA-foam base stands up to even the biggest smashes without showing wear. A crack-resistant injection molded skirt also lends exceptional resilience to these birdies—thwarting abuse from anything from racquets to sneakers. These medium-speed shuttles allow for top performance in moderate temperatures and areas near sea level in both practice and match settings. Whether you equip novices or tournament players, you'll know that you won't have to replace them mid-game.