Carlton C-100 Recreational Shuttlecocks

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Unit:  Tube of 6

Medium-speed shuttlecocks for indoor and outdoor play.

Perfect for beginner badminton play, a durable base of PVC and a synthetic cork stand up to heavy abuse better than feather skirt options. Great for outdoor play, the yellow tip and white skirt will be easy to track against a clear blue sky.

Durable Design

The durable PVC base and synthetic cork tips of these birdies resist wear and tear of beginner play. More resilient than feathered skirts, PVC is better suited for institutional use and outdoor play.

Play Outdoors

Set up a match outside without worrying about damage to the birdies. Durable materials easily absorb the impact of asphalt and pavement without wearing out. Vibrant colors are easy to track through the air and easy to spot when a birdie lands in the grass.