Carlton F1 Ti Shuttlecocks

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Our best shuttle is also our most durable!

Made using oxygenated titanium technology, the skirts of these birdies offer superior durability at a molecular level. With multiple speed options, this shuttlecock is constructed for universal use, indoors and out.

Incredible Durability

Treated with oxygenated titanium technology, the bond strength of the synthetic skirts of these shuttlecocks have been refined to an unparalleled level. Birdies will stand up to smashing hits, accidental abuse, and even being stepped on without deforming or breaking down. A quality cork base ensures continued performance after years of use.

Ideal for All Play Styles

Students of all ages and skill levels will benefit from our best-performing birdie. Whether practicing, staging a tournament or conducting a pickup game in the yard, these birdies serve up lively play without the risk of damage.