Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training Book

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Maximize your suspension training with over 115 exercises in this TRX training book!

Including more than 30 ready-to-use training programs, this TRX training book focuses on the development of foundational skills, including balance and coordination, total-body strength, and flexibility.

Ultimate Suspension Training Guide

This 282-page TRX suspension training guide features 13 chapters of more than 115 exercises including the reverse biceps curl, single-arm inverted row, suspended single-leg deadlift, rotational crunch, and more! Each exercise targets specific muscle groups and includes start and stop pictures with variations, detailed training advice, and safety recommendations to get the most out of training. It’s the perfect suspension training resource for high school level athletes and above.



  • Part I: Science of Suspension Training
    • Chapter 1. Foundation of Suspension Training
    • Chapter 2. Benefits of Suspension Training
    • Chapter 3. Setup, Safety, and Success
    • Chapter 4. Physical Assessment
  • Part II: Suspension Training Exercises
    • Chapter 5. Upper-Body Exercises
    • Chapter 6. Lower-Body Exercises
    • Chapter 7. Core Exercises
  • Part III: Suspension Training Programs
    • Chapter 8. Foundations of Program Design
    • Chapter 9. Prehabilitation
    • Chapter 10. Strength and Power
    • Chapter 11. Speed and Agility
    • Chapter 12. Balance, Stability, and Flexibility
    • Chapter 13. Total-Body Conditioning