Fitness For Life: High School

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Help students become physically literate and motivate them toward lifelong fitness.

More than just a PE program, Fitness For Life serves as a conceptual physical education program based on the most comprehensive and current evidence. It helps students take charge of their activity, fitness, health, and other wellness goals and see how these goals align with national PE standards. This text provides a modular approach and includes a comprehensive teacher's guide that supports in-class and remote learning. Accompanying the book is a web resource with an interactive student workbook that features vocabulary terms in both English and Spanish, audio pronunciations, worksheets, and chapter reviews. 544 pages.


  • Unit I: Building a Foundation
    • Chapter 1. Fitness, Health, and Wellness for All
    • Chapter 2. Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles for All
    • Chapter 3. Goal Setting and Program Planning
  • Unit II: Safe and Smart Health-Enhancing Physical Activity
    • Chapter 4. Safe and Smart Physical Activity
    • Chapter 5. Social, Health, and Wellness Benefits of Physical Activity
    • Chapter 6. How Much Is Enough?
  • Unit III: Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity
    • Chapter 7. Moderate Physical Activity and Avoiding Sedentary Living
    • Chapter 8. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
    • Chapter 9. Vigorous Physical Activity
  • Unit IV. Muscle Fitness and Flexibility
    • Chapter 10. Muscle Fitness Basics
    • Chapter 11. Muscle Fitness Applications
    • Chapter 12. Flexibility
  • Unit V: Skills and Skill-Related Fitness, Body Composition, and Program Planning
    • Chapter 13. Skill-Related Fitness, Skills, Tactics, and Strategy
    • Chapter 14. Body Composition and Energy Balance
    • Chapter 15. Planning and Maintaining Active Lifestyles
  • Unit VI: Living Well: Making Healthy Choices
    • Chapter 16. Choosing Nutritious Food
    • Chapter 17. Stress Management
    • Chapter 18. Making Healthy Choices and Planning for Health and Wellness
  • Unit VII: Moving Through Life
    • Chapter 19. Making Good Consumer Choices
    • Chapter 20. The Science of Active Living
    • Chapter 21. Taking Advantage of Opportunities