miMove Activity Tracking App

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Let students take control tracking activity both in and out of school, while allowing teachers to also track their progress!

miMove gives students accountability as they record their own physical activity within the app. And the best part is any physical activity counts! With just a few clicks, they can track duration, where they did the activity, and how it made them feel. Students can build a clear picture of their activity over time. Teachers can view the entries in the app and engage with students in real time to encourage them. Students can also encourage each other by adding emoticons.

The Teacher app allows teachers to see how active all students in the school are, if they are making progress, and how much they enjoy activities. They can set up accounts using either the student’s email or name. Teachers can then use the app to sort the data according to several parameters, allowing them to analyze the data and use it to provide targeted support where needed. It’s also a great tool for reviewing programs, assessing where to allocate resources, and having evidence-based conversations with students and parents. The app also provides teachers with access to research articles, online courses, and opportunities to connect with other schools.

App is compatible with Apple and Android devices. 1-year licenses are available for Elementary (K-5) or Secondary (6-12). Choose from 2 options for each group to accommodate the number of students in your school.