Adapted Physical Education and Sport Book

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Learn how to identify the unique needs of students with disabilities and how to adapt PE to their needs!

Comprehensive and clear guide helps teachers develop programs to meet unique PE needs, differences, and abilities of students. The book highlights scenarios and applies them to real-life situations to explain how to apply concepts to solve issues. The latest edition reflects progress in adapted sports, as well as how to address sports-specific injuries and how to prevent them. Instructor guide features teaching tips and strategies. The book aligns with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and includes information related to the Brockport Physical Fitness test. 648 pages.


  • Part I. Foundational Topics in Adapted Physical Education and Sport
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to Adapted Physical Education and Sport
    • Chapter 2. Program Organization and Management
    • Chapter 3. Adapted Sport
    • Chapter 4. Measurement, Assessment, and Program Evaluation
    • Chapter 5. Individualized Education Programs
    • Chapter 6. Behavior Management
    • Chapter 7. Instructional Strategies
  • Part II. Individuals With Unique Needs
    • Chapter 8. Intellectual Disabilities
    • Chapter 9. Behavioral Disabilities
    • Chapter 10. Autism Spectrum and Social Communication Disorders
    • Chapter 11. Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Chapter 12. Visual Impairments
    • Chapter 13. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deafblind
    • Chapter 14. Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke
    • Chapter 15. Amputations, Dwarfism, and Les Autres
    • Chapter 16. Spinal Cord Disabilities and Other Spinal Conditions
    • Chapter 17. Other Health Impairment Conditions
    • Chapter 18. Activity and Sports Injuries, Longer-Term Disabilities, and Obesity
  • Part III. Developmental Considerations
    • Chapter 19. Motor Development
    • Chapter 20. Perceptual–Motor Development
    • Chapter 21. Infants and Toddlers
    • Chapter 22. Early Childhood Adapted Physical Education
  • Part IV. Activities for Individuals With Unique Needs
    • Chapter 23. Health-Related Physical Fitness and Physical Activity
    • Chapter 24. Aquatics
    • Chapter 25. Team Sports
  • Chapter 26. Individual and Dual Sports and Activities
    • Chapter 27. Adventure Sports and Activities
  • Chapter 28. Winter Sports and Activities
  • Chapter 29. Enhancing Wheelchair Sport Performance