Ultimate PaddleZlam Set

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A strategic paddle game boasts three ways to score!

Strategize with your partner to serve a ball toward cone-shaped goals, emphasizing teamwork and strategy to win. Pairs stand opposite each other behind cones, and at the signal, the starting player serves. If the shot goes wide or high, the server's partner can "assist" with their paddle to guide the ball into the cone. Teams can also attempt a "Paddle Pass," where the serving player runs toward his/her partner to finish off the shot with a layup style move.

Get the ball to hit the cone, go through the top hole, or 'zlam' it in the front hole to score big! Point values differ among hitting the cone and landing in the 8" dia top hole or 5" dia front hole, encouraging tactical and challenging game play. Teams alternate serving, and the first to 21, or to serve into the front hole, wins.

Set includes 2 goals (17"H), 4 paddles (15"L x 5"W), 2 balls (3" dia), 1 nylon storage bag, and activity instructions.