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Improve throwing and catching skills with this flying disc game!

DiscBonk is a game of teamwork as players try to keep their ball and the disc from hitting the ground during constant aiming, throwing, and catching action. Players attempt to "bonk" the other team's pole with a disc, causing the ball on top to drop during these flying disc games. If players miss catching their ball and/or disc, points are scored! Both indoor and outdoor ABS poles adjust to 40", 50", or 60"H to accommodate all ages. It’s a fan-favorite among target lawn games!

Easy to Customize and Play

This is a great game for players of all ages, thanks much in part to the scalable difficulty of its setup. Position the poles as close or as far apart as you need. Easily raise or lower the poles to 40", 50", or 60"H depending on the age and ability of players.

To start, place poles with a desired distance between them. Set a ball on each concave pole topper. Play with two teams of two players, with a member of each team standing by pole. One teammate throws the disc at the opposing pole, trying to knock the ball off to earn a point. At the same time, the defensive player attempts to catch the disc to earn a point. If the player drops the disc, the throwing team earns a point.

Quality Equipment

ABS poles stand up to impact from constant hits by incoming discs. Choose an indoor or outdoor pole set to maximize your playing space effectively. Outdoor poles stake directly into the ground, while indoor sets come with an ABS plastic base that prevents accidental tipping.

Sets come with 2 pole sets, 6 AirRanger Plastic Discs, 6 yellow plastic balls, and activity instructions with several game ideas and options. The indoor set also includes square bases, while the outdoor set includes ground stakes.