GamePlay Team DiscBonk Set

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Teamwork and fun soar in this class-size version of DiscBonk!

Put your entire class’ skills to the test, to see if they can aim, toss, and catch across 10 different DiscBonk indoor and outdoor tossing games! Color-coded equipment helps keep classes organized and enthused, while the ability to play in pairs, teams, or individually gives instructors numerous options for fun. Set includes everything you need to organize fun activities for kids; additional equipment can be found in the GamePlay DiscBonk Set.

Fun for the Whole Class

Get up to 24 students playing at once with 6 DiscBonk poles and 24 discs. Play any of the 10 indoor/outdoor activities outlined in the activity instructions or create your own games with unique objectives to keep things fresh, fun, and interesting for students of all ages. Each activity can be set up and taught in minutes, leaving more time for playing and less time spent trying to coordinate everything.

Rainbow colors make it easy to assign teams and keep track of equipment. Assign specific colors to students or break the class up into coordinated teams instantly—just pick a color and you’re ready to go!

High-Quality Equipment

Everything in this set is designed to stand up to institutional use and provide years of fun. Equipment withstands constant impact from discs hitting poles and balls falling to the ground.

Variety is also a core component of this pack—specifically when it comes to discs. Plastic AirRanger Discs are rigid and travel farther, making them ideal for experienced players. Soft, coated-foam SkyBlazer Discs are extremely friendly and great for younger users. Discs can be used to accommodate all age players, or for specific game styles.

Set includes 6 pole/base sets, 12 Rainbow AirRanger Discs, 12 Rainbow SkyBlazer Discs, 6 Rainbow ResisDent Balls, and activity instructions with game variations.