DotBall360° Set

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Combine the teamwork of volleyball with the nonstop action of a paddle game for a heart-pounding game—even in limited space!

Fun for all ages, DotBall360° is easy to learn and easy to play for all. Active games are centered around an octagon-shaped target that can be set up anywhere—indoors and out. There are no boundaries, allowing teachers to use it in the space available.

Divide up to 6 players into 2 teams and have them spread out around the target. After a player serves the ball off the target, those on the other team can pass the ball up to 3 times—with the ball bouncing between each pass—before bouncing it off the target. When the ball cleanly hits the top of the target, it switches possession. There are no sides, and players can hit the ball in any direction off the target.

A team earns a point if:

  • Opponents let the ball bounce twice between passes
  • The other team cannot return it in 3 hits
  • The ball hits the edge of the target and is not a clean return.

The first team to earn 15 points and win by 2 is the winner! Teachers can easily modify the rules to accommodate the abilities of those playing.

Octagon-shaped, blow-molded plastic target features folding metal legs for simple setup. It also doubles as storage! When games end, place the blow-molded paddles and game balls inside the target, fold it in half, and grab the handles for easy transport. This also helps keep all game equipment in one place and easy to find. When folded, the target is 40"L x 6"W x 20"H; 28 lb. When open, it is 40"L x 40"W x 16"H. Set includes 1 target with folding legs, 6 paddles (3 ea black, orange), and 2 low-pressure tennis balls.