SmashNet Game Set

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Table tennis meets volleyball in this fast-paced, high-intensity game!

SmashNet brings the setup and serving style of table tennis. with the spiking and hitting of volleyball. The net looks like a giant table tennis table, with two teams of two players, each occupying a side. An offensive player starts by serving the ball diagonally over the nylon net to the defensive player. Defense then returns the ball in three alternating hits or less. Players are free to move about, as long as they don't cross the center net into the opposing team's area.

Only offense can score with three scenarios:

  • If the ball is hit twice by the same defensive player
  • The ball lands on defense's side
  • It takes defense more than three hits to return it.

If any of those scenarios happen on offense's side, possession of the ball flips. The first team to 11 points is the winner!

The durable plastic frame is easy to set up and includes a tensioned webbing surface that allows the ball to bounce and rebound quickly, adding to the fast, nonstop movement. Set includes 1 SmashNet frame (8'4"L x 4'2"W x 21"H; 6-1/2 lb) and 2 balls that are easy to keep organized in the included storage bag.