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GamePlay Team TeeterToss Set

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Multiple teetering poles increase the movement, strategy, and pace of this classroom ring toss game for the entire class!

At the signal, players throw their team's colored rings, trying to land them on the 6 teetering poles in the center of the play area. Teams strategize where to throw, because the longer the run of consecutive rings on a pole, the more points a team earns (2 rings = 1 point, 3 rings = 2 points). Other teams can block points by landing a ring on a pole and interrupting the color run. The more rings hit poles, the more the poles teeter, creating a bigger challenge to score.

Set includes 6 poles (50"H x 1" dia), 6 bases, 36 Rainbow rings (6 of each color), VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.