Kubb Set


Aim accurately and knock down all the other team's kubbs before they do the same to you!

During a kubb lawn game, teams take turns throwing wooden batons at the kubbs lined up along the other team's baseline on the other end of the play area. Any kubbs that are knocked down are then thrown into the other team's half of the field where they are reset. The opposing team then knocks down the field kubbs before targeting those remaining along the baseline. If a baseline kubb is knocked down before all field kubbs are eliminated, the baseline kubb is reset. The first team to knock over all the other team's kubbs and the king in the middle of the field wins! If a team knocks over the king before all of the other team's kubbs, the other team automatically wins.

All pieces are made of solid, varnished Beech wood that endures through every toss during institutional use. Set includes 1 king (12"H), 10 kubbs (6"H), 4 corner poles (12"H), 6 throwing batons (12"L), a carrying bag for easy transport and storage, and activity instructions.