FITstep Pedometer Teaching Banners

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Unit:  Set of 2

Enormous banners teach proper use of our FITstep Pedometers in a large-group setting.

Easily relay instructions for FITstep pedometers with the help of these enormous 3’ x 5’ banners! Each banner contains detailed information about how to use the FITstep Plus and Pro models. Hang them anywhere in your gym, and they’ll be easily seen by the entire class!

These banners make operating our FITstep Pro and Plus pedometers extremely simple, providing a constant point of reference for students. They contain step-by-step instruction with full-color photos on how to properly operate, wear, read, and find step information with each pedometer. Enormous 3' x 5' banners can be seen from anywhere in the gym, making pedometer use easy and effective. Heavy-duty vinyl to resist ripping and fraying, and metal grommets make for easy display and take-down on any wall.