ClassPlus FITstep Pro Pedometer Pack

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Pack with premium pedometers and a mobile storage cart that doubles as a desk!

All-in-one packs will become your MVPA-tracking headquarters, with FITstep Pro pedometers, and accessories. Organize and store everything on the mobile ClassPlus Pedometer Cart with attachable QuikID Storage System for ultimate convenience and accessibility! A single glance can help ensure all inventory is present.

Convenient Storage Solution

Included powder-coated steel cart offers plenty of storage for all pedometers, charts, clipboards, computers, batteries, and anything else you need to get your class tracking steps, activity time, and MVPA. Durable cart features 4 locking casters and holds up to 150 lb. Easy-to-read QuikID system organizes and stores pedometers, making it easy for students to find their assigned pedometer. It straps onto the cart, making it easy to move the entire system from storage to gym or class to class.

Superior Pedometers

Our best pedometer tracks steps, activity time, and MVPA, and easily uploads data to a laptop or PC. Students simply wear a FITstep Pro pedometer during physical activity, then set it on a data reader dock, press down, and all activity data will upload in less than 2 seconds!

Pack includes:

  • FITstep Pro Pedometers, 64 Ea
  • Data Reader w/ Software, 3 Ea
  • Tripp Lite 10-port USB 2.0 HUB, 1 Ea
  • FITstep Pro/Plus Pedometer Training Charts, 1 Set
  • ClassPlus Pedometer Cart, 1 Ea
  • QuikID Pedometer Storage System, 1 Ea
  • Replacement Batteries, 40 Ea